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Blue Monday


Blue Monday comes on the 3rd Monday of January and is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year as all the holiday seasons and celebrations are gone including Christmas and New Year’s Eve, now life is back to a normal routine. Some people claim it to be a marketing gimmick but we are not entering this debate here.

This is our chance to make Blue Monday something far better. When you look at the factors in the equations, you could see where all of them could impact someone's mental state but none of them have to.

A major cause of so-called depressing Mondays is simply weariness. Staying up to all hours all weekend is bound to result in one tired human worker on Monday morning. Many workers just try to do too much in one short weekend. The latest report figures say that the first few Mondays, in January, is when the suicide rate is usually the highest. The holidays are over, bills are coming in, and that is when the stress can really get to people.

Weekend trips are alright, provided you don't travel too far. Give yourself enough time to get back home without breaking your neck or having an accident. To work effectively and productively all week, your body needs to be rested and refreshed to face the workload every new Monday.

There are definite ways to be prepared for Mondays, considered by most to be the hardest day of the entire week. The first thing you can do is simply to recognize each Monday as a fresh start offering new potential and opportunities. Many successful people are even eager and enthusiastic about starting back to work on Mondays.

They know from experience that if they can get some good work done that first rough day, the encouragement and keen sense of achievement will carry them through the rest of the week.


How To Handle Blue Monday:

Keep also in mind the fact that practically everyone at one time or another face, or is caught up in, depressing Mondays. It is how you handle them that counts. The point to remember is that low feelings and negative thoughts about Mondays can be faced head-on and overcome.

It will take some discipline at first, but keep resisting depressing thoughts concerning Mondays and watch how your attitude can and will change. Reading some uplifting or inspirational material on your weekends is a good idea, too. It can help to keep you thinking positively.

The truth is that no two Mondays are really ever alike. A great many workers don't eat lunch at the same place every day. They look for variety, and you can do the same. If you drive or go to work the same way all the time, why not try a different route for a week or so? Look for ways to get more variety in your week's routine, and you'll enjoy your working years much more.

Make Monday one of your best days of the week. For like the rest days, they are all fleeting.