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Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday is an e-commerce term that refers to the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. On Black Friday, internet shops, like brick-and-mortar establishments, frequently offer special promotions, discounts, and specials. Traditional shops, on the other hand, offer limited-time offers available solely on their websites.


As a result, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have merged into a combined in-store and online shopping experience, blurring the lines between the two holidays. Four days after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday arrives. It was designed to entice customers to shop online. The day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, is still the busiest shopping day of the year.

While Cyber Monday has typically been the most popular online shopping day of the year, Black Friday has overtaken it in 2019. Consumers look forward to Cyber Monday for a variety of reasons. Many people do not want to spend time away from their families during the holidays to obtain a good deal, and others do not want to stand in huge lines on Black Friday. Consumers have a quick, hassle-free method to purchase and take advantage of some fantastic bargains on Cyber Monday.


With many companies now offering free shipping as a Cyber Monday incentive, purchasing online has never been more appealing. Although Cyber Monday originated in the United States, it is now a global phenomenon. Many e-commerce enterprises all around the world use the term to describe marketing activities designed to promote sales during the holiday season. After resting from an eventful Thanksgiving-filled weekend, what sounds better than waking up on Monday morning and getting on your computer or device to do a little online shopping? Cyber Monday is the Monday following the Thanksgiving weekend, and it is the official kickoff to the online holiday shopping season.


It is a convenient way for shoppers to get some or all of their holiday shopping completed without leaving the comfort of their homes. It also caters to those shoppers who are too afraid to brave the craziness of Black Friday. 


The United States started a global awareness for Cyber Monday. The United Kingdom recognizes it as the first Monday in December, whereas Portugal coined the term "Cyber Monday" as late as 2009. Even though this term is fairly new, many shoppers are taking advantage of all the amazing sales, coupons, and savings from shopping on Monday.

There are, however, some pitfalls to online shopping. With computer hacking a major concern in our modern world, you'll want to make sure you protect your shopping experience and your bank account from hackers.


In 2016, the website Tom's Guide reported on 9 Tips to Help You Shop Safely on Cyber Monday. According to this, you should:


  • Shop from a secure computer.
  • Shop using a secure connection.
  • Use trusted vendors.
  • Don't fall for too-good-to-be-true deals.
  • Plan and don't be rushed.
  • Review credit card and bank statements regularly during the shopping season.
  • Use unique passwords and logon information for every site you visit.
  • If you're shopping from a tablet or smartphone on Cyber Monday, use a trusted vendor's app, not a web browser.
  • Never install software on your mobile device from a website link or code.